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About Me

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Let's Wok Together

I design custom website and mobile app that grow startsup and small business

I'm Taoufik Tchao, Computer Engineering student, an 

E-learning Developer specializing in delivering responsive web design and development, mobile app development, user interface solutions and training workshops within the Higher Education sector.

My passion is all about creating real elegant looking websites always keeping it clean and simple with that added functionally of user interfaces you would like to see.

I’m constantly learning web technologies and other design related topics, currently playing around with Bootstrap and Android. I’m skilled in many areas of design and development and collaborating with other professional web designers and Major companies in Internet and Software Technology.

I’m always open to exciting new job opportunities, with my Curriculum Vitae available on request. Please get in touch, it would be great to hear from you.


About Me


Let's Work Together

Taoufik Tchao